WULN Committee

The WULN Committee of Management is comprised of up to nine people drawn from registered and financial members.

Position Name Member Group Contact address Phone
President Julie Hind Friends of Willow Park Email President 0429445536
Vice President Jude Scarfe Friends of the RidgesReserves Email vice President 0448045124
Secretary Glenys Litchfield Friends of David Winterbottom Email Secretary 0412750475
Treasurer Ali Mitchell Friends of Willow Park Email Treasurer 0260561938
Ordinary member (Tilly) Matilda Terry Friends of Felltimber Creek Email  

Ordinary member

Matt Trebley Our Native Garden Email


Facilitator Anne Stelling – Part-time, usually works Mon and Wed
Email: wodongalandcare@gmail.com
Phone: 0428 565 195