Weeds of Baranduda

Reference: Bush Invaders by Monument Hill Parklands Association

pattersons-curse-cropped-by-raelene-guttierez blackberry-foliage chilean-needle-grass-close-up periwinkle-foliage-2-by-arthur-chapman

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Table of Contents

1.0 Introduction
1.1 Problems caused by Introduced Weeds
1.2 Common characteristics of weed invasion
1.3 Guidelines for managing environmental weeds
1.4 Weed removal techniques
1.5 Managing potential environmental weeds on farms
1.6 Reducing garden escapes
1.7 An example of how weeds affect a plant community
1.8 Two healthy local vegetation communities
1.9 Bush regeneration and regeneration on farmland
1.10 How environmental weeds are spread
1.11 References and legal status of weeds
2.1 Weed Trees of Baranduda
2.2 Weed Shrubs of Baranduda
2.3 Weed Small Shrubs and Grasses of Baranduda


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