WULN WordPress Training

meetings_iconThe first workshop designed to raise awareness about WordPress for WULN members was held on Tues Nov 5 at Trudewind Road Neighborhood Centre. The outline of the content of the session can be accessed hereIf you missed the workshop and would love to catch up contact Tony Marsh at greencomputing@gmail.com – we will be offering more of these workshops so if you have unresolved issues or topic you would like covered in another workshop reply to this post with your comments.

WLSEN Launch and Bug Fix

Yesterday evening I launched the WLSEN site and by default the WULN umbrella site. If you dont already know this is a WordPress multisite implementation. At the presentation last night the Media image delivered an error message and upload of appropriately resized images appeared to fail. While not quite on the same scale as Bill Gates catastrophic Windows 95 launch it was nevertheless a tad embarassing! I was able to track the problem down to the post subscription plug in I had installed called Subscribe2. I posted the problem to the WordPress.org website and within minutes got a reply from the plug in author with a fix to implement. Im happy to say the fix worked and Media uploads are happily working error free again! Looking forward to seeing some photos of the amazing Stephanie Alexander garden at Wodonga West Primary School that we inspected after the presentation.