Schools Tree Day Monday 28 July 2014

Aim:  To plant along House Creek near the Pearce Street Bridge.

(NB  Photos after one year posted at the end: August 2015)

This is how the site looked before we started preparing it.

1 Original

Over months we slashed and mowed and poisoned until it looked like this:
Preparation for the day.

We laid out plants, stakes and tree guards (supplied by Toyota), wheel barrows of mulch (supplied by the Wodonga Council) and cardboard (supplied by Visy) …




and food for the workers.

Then the 20 Catholic College girls and Teacher arrived and watched a tree planting demonstration.

Let the work commence.




Then we took a break.



and the Result?



Congratulations to everyone involved.

  • Catholic College:  20 girls and Teacher (Helen)
  • Two workers from Toyota (Susie and Rebecca)
  • Nine of our members (Ross and Lorelle Sceriha, John Broadfoot, John Jones, John and Sandy Kaitler, Chris Walkerden and Pam and Bruce Nulty)
  • Visy for supplying the cardboard.
  • Wodonga Council for supplying the mulch and mowing of the area.
  • The weather was perfect and the atmosphere very pleasant. We will follow up with some further mulching over the next few weeks.

Now, let the plants grow.

Growth after one year:  posted August 2015

From Pearce Street
From Pearce Street
More Growth
More Growth