Councillors walk through the Reserve

This morning we met Wodonga City Councillors at the Pearce Street Bridge end of the Reserve and walked with them to the Huon Creek foot bridge stopping at 6 stations along the way.  Click the photo below to download the hand-out we gave them with the 6 before and after photos.  Perhaps the highlight of the visit was when Anne Stelling and Kim Radnell set up a camera on a pole and found a pair of Squirrel Gliders in one of our nest boxes.  These creatures are endangered and our nest boxes specifically target them.  They are small and get pushed our of nesting places by the bigger creatures like brush tailed possums.  A Councillor helped me measure the age of one of our old Red Gums at 500 years – give or take 110 years.

Old Red Gum Erosion Control

Four old Red Gums in the Reserve suffer erosion when House Creek flows.  The Wodonga Council has reinforced the bank near these graceful old remnant trees.  Click on the photo for more information.