Deadly Nightshade Blitz

At 5pm Thursday 21 January CCR group members attacked the Deadly Nightshade along the hospital fence. These photos show the before and after difference we made.

Some plants were large
Hot work but good result

CCR Walk and Talk with Karen Retra – under construction

At 10am on 20 October 2020 Karen Retra ran a Walk and Talk in CCR. This is the handout to the participants that Karen helped us prepare. Page 1 contains photos showing what we mostly do, i.e. change weeded areas into a planted and mulched areas. Work with the year 9 Catholic College students and teachers, except this year they have been mostly Covid-19 unavailable. The second page shows our latest project; to use a Council $3000 grant to resurrect the well from the old farm house that used to be on the CCR property.

Click on photo for page 1

Click photo for page 2

We had been working, weeding spreading mulch and wandering about in this area for years. A flood washed away the covering and revealed the well above. It is worth restoring.