Working Bee January 2018

Thanks to Anne Stelling, Facilitator of  the Wodonga Urban Landcare Network, for supporting our DELP submission for funding from NECMA for this work. 
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Nest Box Field Day in Clyde Cameron Reserve

Anne Stelling, the Facilitator of Wodonga Landcare, organized Shane Vanderwerf, from Parklands Albury Wodonga to help us inspect our nest boxes recently.  It was a very exciting morning, particularly when we actually found some Squirrel Gliders in one of our boxes. I asked Shane if there was any difference between Squirrel Gliders and Sugar Gliders.  He said Sugar Gliders are smaller and generally live further north from Wodonga.  The focus of the Nest Boxes in Clyde Cameron Reserve is Squirrel Gliders because they are rare in our area and need help providing spaces to live.

The Border Mail also attended and produced this report which is much better than I could do. Click on the photo below to visit their site.

Squirrel Gliders

Tree Day 2017

From 11am to 1pm Thursday 27 July we will be planting trees, shrubs and grasses in Clyde Cameron Reserve at the back of the Murray Valley Hospital.  We expect 20 Catholic College Students and two teachers, two staff from Jacob Toyota, Council Staff and other interested locals to help us.  Click on the image below to generate a flyer for the event.


Clean-up Day: Thursday 9 March 2017

We met at the Willow Park skate park with Catholic College students and teacher, Landcare volunteers from Clyde Cameron Reserve Group and Friends of Willow Park and two staff members from Jacob Toyota.

Ross Sceriha spoke about the work done by the groups and the valued input from the students over the years. He explained why we do this work and the benefits to the community. He invited the students to monitor the development of the parks in future years.

We cleaned up the area around the skate park and barbecue area.

The President of the Clyde Cameron Reserve Group Mr John Broadfoot was interviewed by the Albury Wodonga News Weekly and this article 25 News Weekly was the result.

We then proceeded across Pearce Street into the Clyde Cameron Reserve continuing to clean up parallel to the creek, but not in the creek, and throughout the Reserve.

The girls were all treated with drinks and everyone enjoyed the morning tea supplied by Toyota reps, Rebecca Spiers and Tanya Davies.

John Broadfoot thanked all participants for their efforts and the Border Mail published the  article above on 15 March.

Clyde Cameron Reserve Summer 2017

Clyde Cameron Reserve is a park in Wodonga, Victoria, maintained by the Wodonga Council.  Clyde Cameron Reserve Group is a small Landcare group of local residents who volunteer to help with the development and maintenance of the Reserve.

Features of the House Creek-lined reserve include four magnificent 500 year old River Red Gums.

Recent visitors to the reserve have been an echidna and a tawny frogmouth owl family.

Encouraging such wildlife is an inspiration to the group and casual visitors to the park.

Tree Day 2016

Our Tree Day for 2016 was planned for Monday 25 July.  We had to postpone the event because this is what the Reserve looked like a few days before.

Path to no-where (small)Here is the view of our planting area with the Wodonga Catholic College students on the previous Monday 18 July.

Where we planted last week (small)Fortunately the flood cleared fairly quickly and we only lost about 5-10 out of 80 plants.  The tree guards protected the plants fairly well.


The event was postponed to 11am – 1pm Monday 15 August 2016.  We have registered the event with Planet Ark and Jacob Toyota is supporting us again with two staff members to work with us, some supplies and a donation for our continuing work.  The Wodonga Council will supply some staff this year, two of whom will provide and cook a barbecue for about 40 workers.  The Wodonga Catholic College will supply 20 year nine workers and the Green Army will be in the Reserve that day too.  The Wodonga Urban Landcare Network and Parklands Albury Wodonga have provided about 1000 plants via a submission to the Victorian Government.

We decided to plant in the area of the Reserve near the Pearce Street Bridge.  Monday 15 August was a beautiful sunny Wodonga Winter day.

7002 Before

The night before we used Garry Knight’s Tube Prod to loosen the plants.  There are a couple of things wrong with this photo.  There and no plants in the tube tray and it is best to put the Tube Prod on something and find a suitable height seat, to protect your back.

7005 Tube Prod

We laid out the plants tree guards and stakes.

7010 layout plants

We laid these out in about 6 different areas.

7015 layout plants 2

At 11am the students arrived, chose their tools,

7017 Equipment1

and worked in pairs.

7020 Working Students1

This is the heart of the action.

7025 Planting1

7030 Working Students4

Jacob Toyota supplied morning tea, tree guards, shirts and two staff to work with us on the day and a donation to help with our ongoing work.

7040 Susie17050 Planting

Wodonga Council provided their trailer full of tools, barbecue and two staff to cook it.

7055 Council Trailer

At 12:15pm the barbecue was ready and the cook commented that he did not realize year 9 students ate so much!

7065 Anne and BBQ1

The Green Army also worked with us on the day and enjoyed the barbecue.

7070 Green Army

Our sign needs the addition of “Thanks Wodonga Council” too.

7075 Students with sign1

The following photos are of the results of the day.  About 440 plants in the ground ready for a light refreshing shower of rain on Wednesday morning.

7080 Results 97085 Results 167090 Results27130 Results 117140 Results37150 Results 6

Thanks to our Clyde Cameron Reserve Group members, Wodonga Catholic College year 9 students and teacher, Wodonga Council, the Green Army, Parklands Albury Wodonga and Wodonga Urban Landcare Network.