Schools Tree Day 28 July 2015

Planting near the Huon Creek Foot-bridge 28 July 2015

Preparation:  The Wodonga Council provided and spread some mulch for us.  The event was registered with Planet Ark and Jacob Toyota donated some plants and other equipment for our Tree Day and ongoing work in the Reserve.  Our group is comprised by seven local volunteers who really appreciate the support of the Wodonga Council, Jacob Toyota, the Wodonga Catholic College and a local Green Army.




Here is our equipment in preparation for our year 9 Catholic College workers.


The plants


Morning tea

61IMG_3149  71DSCN7869
Working with the Wodonga Catholic College students and teacher

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Students and the teacher even worked again after morning tea

51IMG_3193 16IMG_3158

Toyota staff are a great asset.

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The Green Army was working elsewhere in the Reserve but joined us for morning tea


Achievement:  well done everyone.10after 20after


Schools Tree Day Monday 28 July 2014

Aim:  To plant along House Creek near the Pearce Street Bridge.

(NB  Photos after one year posted at the end: August 2015)

This is how the site looked before we started preparing it.

1 Original

Over months we slashed and mowed and poisoned until it looked like this:
Preparation for the day.

We laid out plants, stakes and tree guards (supplied by Toyota), wheel barrows of mulch (supplied by the Wodonga Council) and cardboard (supplied by Visy) …




and food for the workers.

Then the 20 Catholic College girls and Teacher arrived and watched a tree planting demonstration.

Let the work commence.




Then we took a break.



and the Result?



Congratulations to everyone involved.

  • Catholic College:  20 girls and Teacher (Helen)
  • Two workers from Toyota (Susie and Rebecca)
  • Nine of our members (Ross and Lorelle Sceriha, John Broadfoot, John Jones, John and Sandy Kaitler, Chris Walkerden and Pam and Bruce Nulty)
  • Visy for supplying the cardboard.
  • Wodonga Council for supplying the mulch and mowing of the area.
  • The weather was perfect and the atmosphere very pleasant. We will follow up with some further mulching over the next few weeks.

Now, let the plants grow.

Growth after one year:  posted August 2015

From Pearce Street
From Pearce Street
More Growth
More Growth


Schools Tree Day Activity

Schools Tree Day Event:  Clyde Cameron Reserve Group

Coordinator Bruce Nulty
The Clyde Cameron Reserve Group has been working with Wodonga Catholic College students to create a Biolinks corridor along House Creek in the Reserve for about 18 months.
201 The SceneA friend from another landcare group (Jenni Huber) encouraged me to register a Schools Tree Day Activity.  It was easy to register on the Planet Ark Site and the Local Toyota representative (Susie) was enthusiastic.  Other group members were agreeable so I registered a Private event for our normal Monday morning work with the Wodonga Catholic College students.  Our plan was to plant on the day and continue planting on subsequent Mondays. I was not present on the day and Ross organised the activity.

Work Organiser:  Ross Sceriha
We have just tidied up after a very successful morning planting various grasses and trees along a section of the creek in the Clyde Cameron Reserve.

231 Ross A dozen or so enthusiastic Catholic College year 9 boys planted approximately 40 plants,
301 plantinginstalled tree guards and gave them a good drink of water to get them off to a good start in improving our local environment – for both animals and people.
401 WateringA big thanks to the following people for making sure it all went well – Susie Quihampton representing Toyota and Michael Power on behalf of the City of Wodonga for providing us with a great selection of suitable plants and a stack of tree guards and stakes (we will continue to plant the remainder of the stock over the next few weeks).
501 SuppliesTo teacher Kieran Mullins and the great bunch of Catholic College students for getting the job done today – and will continue to do for the rest of the year. Also thanks to resident Sandy Kaitler who helped get everything organized and worked alongside the students.
851 Our PatchOur patch of creek is really starting to look good and we are receiving positive feedback from locals who wander through this part of town. We will be down there again next Monday with the students to continue the task. A very rewarding morning!

School Representative:  Kieran Mullins
On the 29th July 2013, a group of 15 year 9 boys took part in the annual School’s Tree Day down at the Clyde Cameron Reserve, Wodonga. This coincided with their regular visits to the reserve and marked a significant achievement for not only the Clyde Cameron Reserve Group, but also for the area itself.

701 WorkAs part of the Rite Journey Program in year 9, students get the opportunity to make a real difference in their local community. The boys really look forward to this opportunity and this was shown on the day with the hard work they put into planting new trees into the area.
931 Standing aroundThis has been a fantastic initiative by the Clyde Cameron Reserve Group and a rewarding partnership over the years between our school and the local community.
801 HolesToyota Representative:  Susie Quihampton
It was fantastic to receive a call from Bruce Nulty regarding National Tree Day as I had just finished organising a tree planting day at a local Primary School when Bruce rang. Word had travelled via Jill Dawson that Jacob Toyota were once again supporting the event. So our budget was split between the two groups but unfortunately I could not split my time as one day out and about planting was all I was allocated, so my apologies for my brief drop off of plants, tree day merchandise and stakes etc.

601 The Group I amazed how peaceful and beautiful the reserve was as I had not walked through before. Ross explained the groups progress to date and plans for the future, what a wonderful project you all are involved in, you all should be congratulated. If I receive confirmation from Toyota Australia and Planet Ark that Toyota will be contributing next year I will make sure to be in contact again.

Report to WULN


Clyde Cameron Reserve Group Report 14 May 2013
1.1 Clyde Cameron ReserveThe reserve is from the Pearce Street Bridge to the Foot Bridge.
15.1 Corporation TreesThe trees the Corporation planted 30 years ago with House Creek in the distance.
PhotoStory3 001CCReserve is a flood plain.
25.1 Grass along the bankThis is what the bank of House Creek Looked like when we started.
401 Mulch and PlantOne of the first sections we mulched and planted.
451 CC boysWe had help from the Wodonga Catholic College students and Teachers.
501 CC girlsWodonga Catholic College girls  too
601 PlantingAbout 80% survival of our plants even during the 2012/13 hot dry summer.
701 Preparation 1One key to our success in working with the Wodonga Catholic College is preparation.
771 Preparation 3We catered for a large group of students when the other half was away camping.
751 Preparation 2Jill Dawson the facilitator of the Biolinks1 Project, proved that cardboard under the mulch is more efficient than sheets of newspaper.
801 Preparation 4 2We have the Catholic students for an hour, once per week during term time. So, we get down there before they arrive and get organised.  We also often have another hour each week slashing and poisoning to prepare the next section.
70 Sand SlugAccording to Ali this is not a sand slug because it is unlikely to move with new water flows.There is a willow in the middle of the stream which collects this sand.
871 Erosion 1We are attempting to create a bio-links corridor along House Creek and arrest the erosion of the bank.
881 Erosion 2Evidence of a tree holding the bank is right here.
This growth should be progressively holding the bank.

A new estate is a potential “lateral problem” in that it will increase the run-off and a potential “asset” because new people are potential supporters.

Conclusion:  I said in my Living Lightly article that we are a small group working to rehabilitate a small section of our planet but we are encouraged by this quote from Ghandi: “People who think small things do not matter have never slept with a mosquito”