Gardens for Wildlife

Albury – Wodonga

Gardens for Wildlife Albury-Wodonga logo with blue wren, local plants and map.

The Gardens for Wildlife (G4W) program recognises the great potential for residential gardens to provide vital habitat supporting native birds and animals, including threatened species. At the same time our gardens can also be a source of environmental weeds and introduced species that are part and parcel of the decline of native species.

G4W helps residents learn about the connections between what they plant in their gardens, the plants invading bushland, and the reduction of viable habitat, demonstrating ways in which they can change their gardens to attract and support native wildlife, and engaging them in stewardship of Wodonga’s wildlife corridors.

And there’s a Gardens 4 Wildlife Albury-Wodonga playlist on our YouTube Channel.


This colourful photo book showcases eight wonderful habitat gardens in the Albury-Wodonga area. 

Create habitat for a range of native birds, mammals, reptiles, frogs and insects in your backyard by providing the right food, water and shelter.

Tips poster for creating a wildlife-friendly garden, with photos of animals and plants.

By enclosing your cat you can help eliminate injuries in fights, being hit by cars, getting lost, catching diseases and neighbourhood nuisance issues, while meeting legal requirements and improving wildlife safety.

Comparing cat enclosures document and photos. A win for cats, neighbours and wildlife.

The Albury Wodonga Garden Guide provides local information and inspiration to create a beautiful garden that also cares for our environment, especially animals.

Albury Wodonga Garden Guide cover

Frogs are fascinating and often secretive animals – we hear them more than we see them!

Help support frogs by creating frog-friendly habitat in your garden.

Take a virtual tour of some fabulous habitat gardens with these factsheets and videos!

A tree and pond highlighted against lawn and a house, illustrating a habitat garden.
A garden with flowering native plants providing habitat for wildlife in West Albury.