Frog-friendly gardens

Frogs are fascinating and often secretive animals – we hear them more than we see them!

Australia is home to more than 221 species of frogs, but unfortunately their populations have undergone serious declines in recent decades. A third of species are now listed as threatened worldwide.

Please help by creating frog-friendly habitat in your garden.

Resources to help:

There are many easy and inexpensive ways to attract frogs to the home garden – the hints here will get you started:

How to make a frog pond by Sustainable Gardening Australia: 
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Source and additional information:

Watch Costa Georgiadis from Gardening Australia build two different frog habitats
 – a frog bog using a fibreglass pond shell and a pond using an old bath tub:

ABC Gardening Australia fact sheet for a school frog-bog project:

Reptiles and frogs of North East Victoria – An identification and conservation guide: