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Gardens for Wildlife

Information sheet: Cat Enclosures

Comparing cat enclosures document cover with text and photos of six cat enclosures in Albury-Wodonga.

Comparing cat enclosures

By enclosing your cat you can help eliminate injuries in fights, being hit by cars, getting lost, catching diseases and neighbourhood nuisance issues, while meeting legal requirements and improving wildlife safety.

The most common types of enclosures are detailed in this document. All photos are of enclosures in Albury-Wodonga. Click to view as a PDF.

Information: Frog-friendly gardening

Advice for creating frog habitat in your garden.
View the information.

And our frog pond event in Table Top on September 12th.

Poster: Tips for creating a wildlife friendly garden

Top tips for creating a wildlife garden

Create habitat for a range of native birds, mammals, reptiles, frogs and insects in your backyard by providing the right food, water and shelter.

Click to view as a PDF

Case studies: Habitat Gardens of Albury Wodonga

Click the garden name or image to view more information and photos from each garden.

The Cromarty garden

With just under 20 acres on the outskirts of Lavington, Olwyn and Dave wanted a garden that was low maintenance, with low water needs and glimpses of snow capped mountains.

The Datson garden

It’s easy to see why Glenda and Bernie’s Baranduda garden is described as the best habitat garden in Albury-Wodonga – not only is it gorgeous, more than 90 bird species have been spotted here over the years.

The Diver garden

When the Divers moved into their West Albury house six years ago, Joanne wanted a green garden with predominantly natives that flowered year-round and attracted wildlife.

The Lehmann garden

What really sets Chris and Christine Lehmann’s Baranduda garden apart from the rest is the number and variety of nest boxes.

The Russell garden

When Clare and Vern moved onto a suburban block in West Wodonga 22 years ago, they decided to plant a predominantly native garden as they both loved the native flowers and wanted ‘something different’.

The Sharp garden

Not only is Julianne and Greg Sharp’s West Wodonga garden breathtakingly beautiful, it was carefully designed with wildlife in mind.

The Shepherd garden

John and Jenny Shepherd’s garden in Thurgoona is remarkable for how quickly it’s grown. In just two years it went from a bare new block to a vibrant garden attracting 82 bird species.

The Thurley garden

If you were a bird looking for somewhere to eat, nest or breed in Glenroy, you’d fly straight to David and Sue Thurley’s garden.

Healthy Hectares booklet

Healthy Hectares

A guide for small landholders to create productive and environmentally sustainable properties in North East Victoria.

Click to view the 43-page booklet

Wodonga Regional Waterway Action Plan

Wodonga Regional Waterway Action Plan

This plan provides guidance on the sustainable restoration and management of waterway systems across the Wodonga City Council area.

See this page for more information about the Plan or view the document and attachments via the links below.

View the report using these links

Maps and summary sheets

To obtain a high resolution version of the WRWAP document please contact us.

Wodonga Native Plant Species Information