Many associations have been created to meet a wide range of community needs, However, despite good intentions, and worthwhile activities, many of these organizations, and their elected officers have found themselves involved in expensive litigation as a result of bad management practices, or things going wrong on a field project involving members or volunteers. The increased risk of expensive legal action being taken against associations, and their officers, as well as rising corporate governance requirements highlights the importance of obtaining adequate and appropriate insurance cover.

The insurance package sourced for LVI Member Groups, is one of the premier benefits of being part of the WULN. Insurance cover is comprised of three components:

1. Public and Products Liability Insurance
Covers personal injury or property damage arising from the negligent actions of a Member Group or its members.

2. Personal Accident (Volunteer) Insurance
Provides for payments where a volunteer, a worker or a member is injured while engaged in project activities for a Member Group, excepting where deliberate infliction of injury or self-harm has occurred. Incident notification should occur as quickly as possible.

3. Associations Liability Insurance

Provides protection for office bearers and employees in not-for-profit organizations, in the course of carrying out their duties on behalf of their organisation, and consists of:
• Professional Indemnity
• Directors & Officers Liability Insurance
• Association Reimbursement
• Entity Insurance