Membership categories

WULN offers three types of membership as detailed below.

i. Independent groups

These groups are incorporated and insured independent of WULN.
They manage their own affairs either directly or through another auspice organization.

ii. Dependent sub-groups

These groups are incorporated and insured through WULN. They are sub-committees of WULN. They determine their own activities but these must be authorized by WULN.

These group memberships are open to not-for-profit community groups operating in the
Wodonga Municipality who share the Values, Vision, and Mission of the WULN.

iii. Associate members

These are people or a group of people who have the same or similar interests to WULN, wish to be involved in WULN but not belong to one of the Independent or Dependent sub-groups. Associates are welcome to participate in all WULN meetings but they do not have a vote.

About WULN

The Network, or WULN, is about local groups working together to make Landcare in Wodonga easier and more effective for everyone. It is a member based, volunteer run, not for profit organisation with a focus on co-operative action. The member groups of the Network have created the vision and direction of the Network.

WULN has received funding from the Victorian Government since 2012, through the Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning (DELWP) under the Victorian Local Landcare Facilitator Program. This funding has enabled our volunteer Committee of Management to employ a Facilitator for 16 hrs per week. This role facilitates the delivery of the Victorian Landcare Program to the community by supporting the Network to deliver it’s vision and mission.

WULN is an Incorporated body and a Member Network of Landcare Victoria Inc.

WULN Membership Structure

WULN offers membership to local groups according to their legal status. Groups that are already incorporated and handle their own insurance can join as Independent Member Groups. Independent Member Groups set their own direction, manage their own finances and have their own governance and operating systems.

Individual landcare members can also join together to form a sub-group, usually based on location. These groups are sub-committees of the WULN Committee. They are not separately incorporated or insured. They set their own direction within limits set out by the Committee, use the WULN financial and operating systems, and report to the Committee.

Individuals and organisations with an interest in Landcare but not wishing to join or start a group may join WULN as an Associate Member.

Group representation

Each member group nominates a representative who represents and casts a vote on behalf of that group. Your representative should be nominated annually on or soon after the WULN Annual General Meeting, or on acceptance of your membership. A proxy may serve in place of the nominated representative if they are not available.

WULN Governance

WULN member groups, through nominated representatives, provide purpose, leadership, direction and strategy for the organisation. The application of that strategic direction is the responsibility of the WULN Committee of Management, who work closely with the Facilitator. You can expect to receive information regarding strategy and direction, and requests for your input, from the Committee occasionally.

The WULN Committee of Management members are volunteers drawn from the membership of Network member groups. Members of your group are encouraged to nominate for the Committee of Management.

WULN Quarterly Gatherings

Members meet four times per year to discuss Network business, share their projects, issues, ideas and plans, and to learn about Landcare topics of particular relevance to Wodonga.
Member groups are requested to submit a brief report of quarterly activities to share at the meeting.
All members are encouraged to attend these meetings, not only group representatives. Your nominated representative attends the meetings to vote, share and gather information on behalf of your group.

Shared Resources

All member groups have access to WULN’s Google workspace (Google cloud file service and apps) through their nominated representative. This is where common files and practical information can be downloaded and shared with your group. Your group will be provided with a WULN email and access to the Google drive.

Resources available in the drive include:
• Work Health and Safety procedures and templates,
• Practical Landcare information such as local plant lists and ‘how to’ guides,
• Protocols developed with Council about how to go about our business in Wodonga,
• Minutes, Agendas, Reports for Quarterly Gatherings and AGMs,
• Governance information and templates such as WULN Rules, Policies and Procedures
• Statistical data records

We also have practical resources (tools and equipment) which can be shared by members – either owned by WULN or by individual groups who are willing to share. There is a list of tools and equipment available in the Google Drive in the Resources folder.

You are invited to contribute content for and/or follow our website and Facebook pages.