Our Vision

Our vision is of a bio-diverse, connected and sustainable landscape, supported by an integrated community approach

Our Mission

WULN supports, inspires and brings together a network of active steward groups and volunteers that work effectively and cooperatively with all stakeholders to enhance and protect the environment within the municipality of Wodonga.

We exist to:
~ promote appreciation and awareness of our environment,
~ support the growth and sustainability of member groups,
~ facilitate partnerships and a whole-of community approach,
~ act as a catalyst for change,
~ facilitate landscape scale plans and projects,
~ broker opportunities for environmental benefit,
~ plan strategically together for broader outcomes,
~ advocate for member groups and the environment.

Our Values

  • Respecting the individuality, autonomy and aims of member groups and individual members,
  • Inclusiveness; taking a whole-of-community approach and providing opportunities for all community members,
  • Philanthropy; sharing experience, information, time and resources,
  • Commitment to partnership and collaboration,
  • Commitment to lifelong learning and empowerment,
  • Effective use of resources,
  • Recognising and celebrating achievements,
  • Transparency and accountability,
  • Decisions that provide for future generations,
  • Pride in community and environment; a sense of place.