A wet 2022 for CCR

Rain, rain, rain…

We had a very wet 2022. Clyde Cameron Reserve was flooded several times and a lot of damage was done to our older trees and newly planted trees. The older trees often just fell over as the roots couldn’t hold firm in the wet earth. The small trees, bushes or grasses were damaged or simply washed away. Some gravel paths were damaged due to the creek rising and flooding with rapid moving water that picked up anything in its path. Debris was spread throughout the park.  The CCR sign fell over. It was a sad sight to see so many mature trees lost forever. The was a lot of cleaning up required by both the CCR volunteer group and the council.

CCR had 1386 mm of rain for the year. The average for Wodonga is 734 mm, so 2022 saw nearly double the average rainfall.