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Our network currently comprises 18 member groups and organisations undertaking a diverse range of Landcare activities across Wodonga

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WULN: Groups & Organisations

Australian Plant Society (APS) – Albury Wodonga

Promotion of native plant use in home gardens. We meet bi-monthly to discuss growing Australian Native Plants and arrange field trips. The interceding months are used for outdoor activities, propagating workshops, garden visits and coffee mornings. Occasional guest speakers. 

Website: apsvic.org.au/aps-albury-wodonga
Facebook: Australian-Plants-Society-Albury-Wodonga
Email: ausplants.aw@gmail.com

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Bhutanese Community Farm

The Bhutanese Garden Project is a social enterprise, community growing and chemical free. The garden is located on the Gateway Island River Flats, 138 Lemke Road, Wodonga.
Facebook: bhutanesegardening
Email: farm@parklands-alburywodonga.org.au

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Bonegilla Rail Trail Advisory Group

Our focus is the rail corridor from Whytes Road to Sandy Creek Inlet, Bonegilla.
Website: highcountryrailtrail.org.au
Facebook: High-Country-Rail-Trail
Email: bonegilla-rail-trail@wodongalandcare.org.au

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Clyde Cameron Reserve Group

Our volunteer members work with students and teachers from the Catholic College Wodonga and the Wodonga Council to plant and maintain indigenous vegetation.
Clyde Cameron Reserve Group is an active member of the Wodonga Urban Landcare Network (WULN).
Website: wodongalandcare.org.au/ccrg 
Email: ccrg@wodongalandcare.org.au

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David Winterbottom Park Group

This Park surrounds Lower Huon Creek in Wodonga. Access from Stanger Court, north of Yarralumla Drive, west of Huon Creek Road. Adjoins Clyde Cameron Reserve’s southern boundary in Wodonga.
Watch our 4-minute video about the Park and our group: https://youtu.be/-0WA0UZ8Irw
Email: dwp@wodongalandcare.org.au

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Friends of Ewart Brothers Reserve

Community Garden located between 13 and 25 Memorial Drive. Reserve located on the south side of Yarralumla Drive between Beechworth Road and Huon Creek Road. Follows the east bank of House Creek to the west of Memorial Drive and Castle Creek Road, South Wodonga.
Email: ebr@wodongalandcare.org.au

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Friends of Federation Hill

The Friends of Federation Hill are a group of residents that live near Federation Hill and have an interest in working with Wodonga Council to improve the hill’s native biodiversity and improve its value to our community. 

We are so lucky to have this patch of woodland so close to where we live, providing wonderful views, walking and bike riding trails and plenty of open space. The hill is also home to lots of wildlife, and many species of plants. There is so little of this woodland left in Victoria that parts of it are designated as ‘Endangered’ communities.
Website: https://sites.google.com/wodongalandcare.org.au/friends-of-federation-hill
Email: fedhill@wodongalandcare.org.au

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Friends of McMahons Gully

(Formerly Friends of George Looms Park). On the south side of Felltimber Creek Road just west of the Melrose Drive roundabout in West Wodonga. Four adjoining reserve areas and walking paths which link up to Federation Hill, incorporating Frank Krier Park, George Loomes Park and John Haddleton Park.

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Friends of Lou Lieberman Park  

Lou Lieberman Park is on the south side of Pearce Street just west of McFarland Rd and runs south to Hartwig Rd, Wodonga.

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Friends of Susan Campbell and Kent McKoy Reserves

These hilltop reserves can be accessed from Yarralumla Drive, Nordsvan Drive or Clyde Cameron Reserve. The hill is located to the west and above David Winterbottom Park and Clyde Cameron Reserve.

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Friends of Whenby Grange

Wodonga Retained Environment Network (WREN) area of Whenby Grange Estate. East of Castle Creek Road in South Wodonga.

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Friends of Willow Park

Friends of Willow Park is a community group that seeks to educate and involve the community in protecting and preserving our park.  We have created a bush corridor along the creek, 2 beautiful indigenous murals telling the story of our creek and community and habitat planting throughout the park. 
We have monthly Community Gardening. It is the 3rd Sunday of the month starting at 9.30 am and followed by a morning tea. We regularly have weekly weeding on Friday mornings starting at 8.30 am. Check our Friends of Willow Park Facebook page for up-to-date information.
Facebook: Friends-of-Willow-Park
Email: friendsofwillowparkwodonga@gmail.com

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Friends of Wodonga Rail Trail

The Friends of Wodonga Rail Trail is a small volunteer Landcare group that seeks to educate and involve the local community in preserving the remnant vegetation of this urban corridor. Our focus is maintaining the Rail trail section from Havelock Street to Whytes Road in Wodonga. We hold twice a month working bees where we pick up rubbish, remove weeds, mow long grass and plant and maintain native shrubs and grasses. Often our working bees are in conjunction with a ranger from Parklands Albury Wodonga, the custodian of Rail Trail.

We start at 9am at different locations along the rail trail and finish up with morning tea and cake.  If local residents would like to join us they can contact us directly via email or follow our facebook group.
Facebook: wodongarailtrail
Website: parklands-alburywodonga.org.au/explore-your-parks/High-Country-Rail-Trail.asp
Email: wodonga-rail-trail@wodongalandcare.org.au

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Friends of the WREN Baranduda

The Friends of the WREN – Baranduda is a group of local people involved in enhancing the Wodonga Retained Environment Network (WREN) corridors and patches in Baranduda, for example by weeding and tidying plant guards.
The WREN is a network of vegetated corridors and patches within the Baranduda-Leneva Valley. This network links the Baranduda Range, Bears Hill, Federation Hill and the Kiewa River floodplain, allowing movement of wildlife across an urban environment.
The large old hollow-bearing trees along with the connecting younger tree plantings provide habitat for a diversity of wildlife, many of which are threatened with extinction.
Facebook: FWREN.Baranduda   
Email: FOW.Baranduda@gmail.com

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Leneva Castle Creek Landcare Group

Our group works on private and crown land in the Castle Creek and Middle Creek catchments,  Leneva.
Email: lenevalandcare@gmail.com

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Our Native Garden Nursery

We are a not-for-profit, volunteer-run garden nursery dedicated to growing local native plants for sale.
Location: 29 Kane Road, Wodonga (beside the Waste Transfer Station and re-use shop)
Website: ournativegarden.com.au  
Facebook: OurNativeGarden
Email: ongnursery@gmail.com

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Parklands Albury Wodonga

Parklands Albury Wodonga (Parklands) is focused on providing opportunities for people to access and experience the extraordinary range of “bush parks” in and around Albury-Wodonga. We undertake the conservation of these areas from an ecological perspective, whilst allowing sympathetic recreational access.
We are a cross-border, community-based, not for profit organisation, undertaking conservation, recreation, cultural heritage and tourism projects for the benefit of our regional community.

Our regional parklands embrace in excess of 4000 ha. of land along the riverine environment of the Murray and Kiewa Rivers; tributary creek valleys; sections of the Lake Hume foreshore; the High Country Rail Trail; and hills and ranges in and around Albury-Wodonga.
Website: parklands-alburywodonga.org.au
Facebook: ParklandsAlburyWodonga     
Email: info@parklands-alburywodonga.org.au

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Turtles Albury Wodonga

Our group formed to bring awareness to the plight of turtles living at Sumsion Gardens.
Facebook: Turtles-Albury-Wodonga
Email: turtles@wodongalandcare.org.au

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