Urban Landcare: We’re for…

  • People caring for our parks and reserves,
  • Creeklines and bush reserves free of willows, blackberries and other exotic plants,
  • Corridors of native bush with insects, reptiles, birds, mammals – the whole web,
  • Creeks and rivers with everything waterlife needs to live in,
  • Places saved and places made for food and homes for native life (habitat!)
  • Fire aware revegetation of bush corridors,
  • Everyone knowing what ‘natural’ looks like, why we need it, and how to help!

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Our Vision

is of a bio-diverse, connected and sustainable landscape, supported by an integrated community approach.

Our Mission

is to support, inspire and bring together a network of active steward groups that work effectively and co-operatively with all stakeholders to enhance and protect the environment of the Wodonga municipality.

WULN Annual Report 2019-20

At a glance …

WULN at a glance 2019-20
Network overview from the WULN 2019-20 annual report


View the 2019-20 annual report in full (PDF)

WULN Annual Report 2018-19

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