Wodonga Urban Landcare Network

The Wodonga Urban Landcare Network (WULN) is a collective of 14 member groups involved in the protection, preservation, improvement and management of parks, gardens, bushland, farmland and the open spaces of Wodonga.

What is urban Landcare?

We encourage and support …

  • People caring for our parks and reserves,
  • Creeklines and bush reserves free of willows, blackberries and other exotic plants,
  • Corridors of native bush with insects, reptiles, birds, mammals – the whole web,
  • Creeks and rivers with everything waterlife needs to live in,
  • Places saved and places made for food and homes for native life (habitat!)
  • Fire aware revegetation of bush corridors,
  • Everyone knowing what ‘natural’ looks like, why we need it, and how to help!

Our Vision

is of a bio-diverse, connected and sustainable landscape, supported by an integrated community approach.

Our Mission

is to support, inspire and bring together a network of active steward groups that work effectively and co-operatively with all stakeholders to enhance and protect the environment of the Wodonga municipality.

Interested in caring
for your local patch?

Join a local Landcare group or start your own!
We can link you to an existing group or help you start a group in your area …

An expanding network

The Wodonga Urban Landcare Network (WULN) was formed in 2012 by a consortium of three local groups; Friends of Willow Park, Parklands Albury Wodonga and Baranduda Landcare, which successfully sought funding for Facilitator support through the Victorian government.

Since 2012, the Network has provided support and facilitated opportunities for linkages, information sharing, co-operative and wholistic planning for local stewardship groups. WULN has built capacity for community involvement in land management and sustainability across the municipality of Wodonga through the provision of information and facilitation of learning experiences.

WULN member groups have grown from the initial three groups to 18 member groups that are involved in the protection, preservation, improvement and management of parks, gardens, bushland, farmland and the open spaces of Wodonga.

Part time Facilitators are funded by the Victorian Government to support the growth and delivery of Landcare in the local area.

Project Officers are employed as funds allow to deliver the aims of the Network.

WULN has successfully established key partnerships and delivered over 45 funded projects in Wodonga, contributing more than $950,000 to the local economy and facilitating the contribution of countless volunteer hours and in-kind resources to the improvement of our local landscapes. A number of these have been broader landscape scale projects including the development of a Wodonga Regional Waterway Action Plan and a very successful Gardens for Wildlife program.

You will also find us listed on the Victorian Landcare Gateway.

Smiles at a wet winter planting day