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Contact Us

Facilitator: Anne Stelling

Phone: 0458 106 744
Note Anne typically works Mondays and Wednesdays with WULN.

President: Bob Currie

Secretary: Heather Davies

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  1. Hello Ann
    We live in Barton Street Wodonga and use Federation Hill daily for walking and some riding. Over the years I have had a passion for riding our area of Caltrop Bindis and have spent a substantial amount of time removing plants from our area. I havnt been involved with landcare but see there are like minded people who could assist me (really me assist them) and perhaps make a greater impact. What do you suggest I do?

  2. G’day Anne,

    I have just been forwarded your email regarding engaging young people with environmental management, and I am keen to touch base. My VCAL Personal Development class is keen to engage in some hands on environmental projects and have a required 20hrs community service they need to complete.

    It would be fantastic if you have an on-going project we could assist you with, or alternatively a class project we may assist you over a day or two. Please keep us in mind for any projects you may have coming up.

    Many thanks,

    Mark Smit
    VCAL Coordinator
    Wodonga Senior Secondary College
    Phone: (02) 6048 7690

    1. Thanks Mark I certainly shall, and will pass this on to Petaurus to put into the mix. We are hoping to find a whole range of ways people can get involved to suit all the different levels and programs in the schools. There is so much out there but knowing how to find out and who to contact always seems to be the difficulty; a gap we hope to fill!

  3. Hi Simon,
    As you see from our member list WULN supports local people to get together and form Friends groups to do exactly these types of things. Member groups can be independent (incorporated in your own right), or dependent (a sub-group of WULN).

    A sub-group really only needs one or two drivers like yourself with a few local people who are keen to help. WULN carries the insurance and governance functions and the group essentially gets on and does the on-ground work. There is some paperwork involved in getting set up and a small membership fee to cover the insurance – I’d be happy to discuss further.

    We have the contacts and info to help you do the work you’re interested in on Fed Hill – and well done by the way getting rid of Caltrop – and can help out with plants, equipment etc. If you’d like to discuss further could you please email me on


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