More Stormy Weather

We’ve already had 2 bad storms in January and last night Sat 29th Jan we had another one causing more damage in Clyde Cameron and surrounding reserves. We’ve had 275mm of rain this month, 35mm last Friday and 83.5mm last night at CCR.  Last Monday the CCR landcare group worked industriously to try and clear away some of the debris and re-stake and restore some of the damaged plants and trees. But unfortunately last night’s storm undid most of that hard work!

Last Friday 28th Jan the well surrounds were paved and looking fantastic, but now it’s covered in mud.

Clyde Cameron reserve was once again flooded from heavy downpours of rain and also from the creek flooding. Some paths were covered with water, trees were uprooted, logs floated along through the park in the flood water, young trees and bushes were flattened and debris was washed though the park and came to rest on anything that was there to catch it.

Flood water
Where did this log float from?