CCRG Report to WULN May 2013


Clyde Cameron Reserve Group Report 14 May 2013
1.1 Clyde Cameron ReserveThe reserve is from the Pearce Street Bridge to the Foot Bridge.
15.1 Corporation TreesThe trees the Corporation planted 30 years ago with House Creek in the distance.
PhotoStory3 001CCReserve is a flood plain.
25.1 Grass along the bankThis is what the bank of House Creek Looked like when we started.
401 Mulch and PlantOne of the first sections we mulched and planted.
451 CC boysWe had help from the Wodonga Catholic College students and Teachers.
501 CC girlsWodonga Catholic College girls  too
601 PlantingAbout 80% survival of our plants even during the 2012/13 hot dry summer.
701 Preparation 1One key to our success in working with the Wodonga Catholic College is preparation.
771 Preparation 3We catered for a large group of students when the other half was away camping.
751 Preparation 2Jill Dawson the facilitator of the Biolinks1 Project, proved that cardboard under the mulch is more efficient than sheets of newspaper.
801 Preparation 4 2We have the Catholic students for an hour, once per week during term time. So, we get down there before they arrive and get organised.  We also often have another hour each week slashing and poisoning to prepare the next section.
70 Sand SlugAccording to Ali this is not a sand slug because it is unlikely to move with new water flows.There is a willow in the middle of the stream which collects this sand.
871 Erosion 1We are attempting to create a bio-links corridor along House Creek and arrest the erosion of the bank.
881 Erosion 2Evidence of a tree holding the bank is right here.
This growth should be progressively holding the bank.

A new estate is a potential “lateral problem” in that it will increase the run-off and a potential “asset” because new people are potential supporters.

Conclusion:  I said in my Living Lightly article that we are a small group working to rehabilitate a small section of our planet but we are encouraged by this quote from Ghandi: “People who think small things do not matter have never slept with a mosquito”