Tree Challenge 2022

22,000 Trees for 2022

Trees are vital to liveable and sustainable communities; that’s why Wodonga Urban Landcare Network (WULN) aims to facilitate the planting of 22,000 native trees and other plants in the Wodonga area in 2022, creating a lasting legacy of a greener landscape.

Trees are vital to regulate the water cycle, provide vital habitat for wildlife, trap carbon and help fight climate change, prevent erosion and help improve soil, trees reduce noise and light pollution in urban areas and create oxygen!

Thank you to our sponsors for the Tree Challenge:


WULN has committed to purchasing and planting up to 7,500 native plants for planting by local Landcare groups.

But to reach our goal of 22,000 trees within the Wodonga Council area we need your help.

  • Do you have a site you would like to plant? Perhaps it’s an area around your office or workshop, perhaps its part of your property or a crown reserve?
  • You may not have a site but perhaps you are happy to contribute funding to help sponsor the purchase of trees, guards and stakes?
  • Or maybe you have a team of willing workers who want to help plant trees?

If you are a developer, or a member of a school, business or service club and you would like to get involved please contact

By supporting WULN in the Tree Challenge, workplaces and organisations will be acknowledged as a sponsor of this project on WULN’s website and social media, and their representatives invited to continue their environmentalism and join a local Landcare group or ‘adopt a patch’ to collectively care for.

This is a challenge for the Wodonga community and we encourage the community to become involved and feel ownership of its success.

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Through our community engagement and the planting of up to 22,000 trees, the Tree Challenge encapsulates what WULN is about:

• People caring for our parks and reserves

• Habitat corridors of native bush with insects, reptiles, birds, mammals

• Creating more opportunities for people to connect and get involved in local Landcare projects

• Everyone knowing what ‘natural’ looks like, why we need it, and how to help!

This project has been supported by the Victorian Government as part of the Victorian Landcare Grants Program.