Sloane’s Champions

Using the FrogID mobile app, volunteers are helping to find and monitor frogs across Wodonga, including a threatened species, the Sloane’s froglet.

About Sloane’s Froglet

Sloane’s Froglet (Crinia sloanei) is a tiny threatened frog known only from a few locations in southern NSW, particularly around Thurgoona and Corowa, and a scattering of sites in Victoria.

Photo: Sloane’s froglet by David Hunter

What is the Sloane’s Champions project?

In NSW, volunteers in the Sloane’s Champions initiative have been working hard since 2017 to help improve understanding of where Sloane’s froglets are found.

Using the FrogID app, volunteers record frog calls and submit them to experts at the Australian Museum. The calls are listened to and verified by the experts. The contributor receives confirmation of the species of frog or frogs in their recording and the records are included in national biodiversity databases – thereby adding to the collective records of where the frogs are and informing their conservation.

Wodonga Urban Landcare Network is helping to extend the efforts of Sloane’s Champions into Victoria. Sloane’s Champions is an initiative of the NSW Department of Planning and Environment, with partners including Woolshed Thurgoona Landcare, Corowa Landcare and Federation Council.

We’re encouraging potential and existing ‘froggers’ to become Sloane’s Champions and contribute frog records from Wodonga and Victoria. Since 2021, records of Sloane’s froglet and other frog species around Wodonga have been consistently growing, thanks to volunteers using the FrogID app.

How to join in

  • Access FrogID
    available as a mobile app and website

FrogID provides an electronic field guide to frogs across Australia with information about their habitats, behaviours, range and recordings of their calls.

To get started, visit

  • Use the FrogID mobile app
    to record and submit the frog calls you hear

All frog records are valuable. With mass frog extinction events happening elsewhere in Australia, we want to better understand where frogs are and the threats they face. And it’s fun to get to know the local frogs, where and when they call, and their particular sounds. Of course we hope you might find some Sloane’s Froglets calling in winter too!

Instructions for getting started with the FrogID app for recording frogs:

How to use the Frog ID mobile app

– The video with Dr Jodi Rowley provides an 8-minute introduction to using the app
– Or view the information as a PDF document online.
– Download the free FrogID app via the links on the website or from your app store.

  • Become a Sloane’s Champion

Join the Sloane’s Champions group on FrogID and your submissions will add to the team tally.
Here are instructions for how to join the group on FrogID. Then submit your frog recordings!

Keep in touch: to receive event invitations and news about Sloane’s Froglets in Wodonga, join our Sloane’s Champions email list
or follow Wodonga Landcare on Facebook.

Come along to one of our frog events to find out more about local frogs, share frogging news, and for tips on using the FrogID app.

  • Watch presentations
    from our Frog ID & Sloane’s Champions webinar

At this webinar in October 2021, we hosted an all-star line up of presenters discussing local frogs, including Sloane’s froglet. Plus the top frogger in Australia, Dr Jodi Rowley from the Australian Museum, gave us an insight into frogs and FrogID across the nation.

Visit this page for the videos and more frog-related resources.

Videos of the presentations from the frogs webinar

Sloane’s Champions in the news

October 2021: Allison Jess for ABC Goulburn Murray reported the excitement as Sloane’s froglet records from Wodonga began to be added via the FrogID app. The Sloane’s Champions are busy in Wodonga and you are invited to get involved, too.

Read the full story

Frog events in September 2022 around Wodonga

Hosted by Parklands Albury Wodonga and Wodonga Urban Landcare Network

Frogging with Friends, Baranduda

Friday 2 September, from 9:30am info
Frogs and Frog ID – Citizen Science in action

Saturday 10 September, from 4:30 pm info

Kiewa River, along the rail trail at Bonegilla
School holidays: spotlighting night walk – including frogs!

Monday 19 September, from 6:30pm info

Murray River, Gateway Island, Wodonga
School holidays: spotlighting night walk – including frogs!

Wednesday 21 September, from 6:30pm info

Kiewa River, along the rail trail at Bonegilla

This project has been made possible with the support of the Victorian Government.