Well opening at Clyde Cameron Reserve

We had an interesting historical event which took place on Thursday the 18th of May at the Clyde Cameron Reserve. It was the official unveiling of the restoration of the Heckendorf family’s water well which dates back to the 1880’s. This water well was vital to the family dairy farm supplying fresh milk to Wodonga residents for many years. The descendants of the Heckendorf family ( the Boyes family ) who ran the farm until 1973 were in attendance. We acknowledged a very significant relic that goes all the way back to Wodonga’s earliest settlement. It was discovered by accident, 3 years ago by one of the CCR Landcare volunteers, a group who maintain the Reserve’s plantations. The group all helped to restore the well and make it a feature of the reserve. A plaque has also been erected to outline some of the well’s history.

Speeches at the well opening
Speeches at the well opening
Plaque at the well
The Boyes family who owned the dairy farm where the well was originally located.
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