2023 CCR Summary

In 2023, the weather at Clyde Cameron Reserve has exhibited better stability, free from the destructive storms and floods that plagued the park in previous years. This favourable weather has contributed to the park’s improved condition, creating better growing conditions for trees and plants.

A recent enhancement to our facilities includes a custom-made trailer designed to accommodate all of our gardening tools. This mobile trailer ensures convenient on-site access to our tools, streamlining our maintenance and gardening operations.

This year, our dedicated volunteer group, assisted by students from Catholic College, has made significant strides in maintaining the reserve. Activities such as weeding, mulching, strategic use of cardboard to prevent weed growth, targeted weed spraying, and thorough whipper snipping have collectively contributed to preserving the park’s aesthetic appeal and overall well-being.

We had the well opening this year and that area has also been consistently maintained.

We won an award for Community Engagement in Waterways so we’re proud of that achievement.